Have You Taken Your Meds? complete multimedia ebook – DAN JOYCE art

Have You Taken Your Meds? complete multimedia ebook

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A mentally ill man explore his life through art, music and poetry to find out how he went insane and what he can do about it.


Have You Taken Your Meds?


Complete two-part multimedia ebook with music videos


written and illustrated by Dan Joyce 

Complete with multimedia music videos

The first part of Dan Joyce’s Have You Taken Your Meds? introduces a large and vibrant cast of characters, and takes you on an intense, fascinating journey through one man’s struggle to understand and heal his mental illness.  The lively writing and provocative illustrations lead us through both a poignant family saga and the various perceptions and insights of a man trying valiantly to live and to thrive.  In prose, poetry, song and art, Joyce explores the lure of addiction and the drama of recovery, and the challenges and joys of an artist’s life.  The story is infused with surreal imagery and rowdy humor, but it is also a realistic portrait of coping with mental illness, making peace with the past, and finding one’s place in the world.


The second and final part of Have You Taken Your Meds? brings the multifaceted story to a bittersweet but hopeful conclusion.  Through the ongoing struggle with mental illness, we see many glimpses of what “mental health” might mean, what it might mean to endure both illness and loss.  With candor and skill, Joyce ties together political commentary, personal insight, compassion for the people around him, and rage at the injustices he sees in the world.  As he comes to understand his past and prepare for the future, the story comes to a close—a moving, intimate look at the trials and triumphs of a life passionately lived.


It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, you may even need medicine!