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  Why Purchase Emotional Art?

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Why Purchase Emotional Art?

Because emotional art is original, creative and free. Many other popular styles such as neo-impressionism or so-called classical realism are based on copying an object, usually a photograph with craft and not creativity. Emotional art basis itself on previously established and innovative styles such German expressionism (once banned by Hitler), Abstract Expressionism and even Pop art of the 60’s. This artform is a hybrid of what creative artists of the 20th century introduced and is still daring today. However, there is no artistic style quite like Emotional Art and frees the mind of stale and conservative aesthetic

A painting of mine is designed specifically for the aesthetic of the average room. Most realistic paintings are small and with such detail that one has to literally stand within inches of the paint to see what the artist has done. Emotional art is large, loud, in love and beautiful.  They designed to be seen from a chair, a couch or the center of the room within 5 – 10 feet away. This creates an aesthetic that is not only decorative, but overtakes the room in such a way that it becomes an instantaneous conversation piece. One collector, living in an enormous house, placed her 3x4 foot Hummingbird painting at the top of the stairs facing the doorway so that it is the first thing seen when one opens the door to the house. 

Emotional art is an investment. If a business comes out with a product that has been done over and over as says they are doing a really good job of doing the same thing again, do they really have a chance at competing in a competitive marketplace? Why not purchase something new insightful and innovative? Emotional art is newer, more aggressive and based on the most successful and creative artistic masters of the 20th century. I have been a professional artist in galleries, museums, internet, coffeehouses, street art, marketplaces, with college degrees and developed a name in my own and local communities for over 25 years. One client purchased an oil painting frm me in the early millennium for only $400 and later found demand in Japan for paintings of that same style valuing over $1500. The numbers speak for themselves.

Emotional art is a quality product. It takes trial and error, time and effort to make good art of any style. I use only the best acid free cotton paper, such as Arches watercolor paper and Strathmore charcoal, finest Winsor-Newton paints and high quality Rembrandt soft pastels. All of my paintings are custom framed with wood moldings, floating mattes and glass casing. Put simply, each painting is designed to last decades without fading or yellowing. An Emotional Art picture is a future heirloom.

Expand your mind! Be a trendsetter! Introduce to your circle something new. Show others you have an open taste for art, not a dull Thomas Kinkade cottage in the woods or some kitsch classical realist or neo-impressionist who paints like that. There is more to art that just craft. There is music, feeling, expression and emotion. BE LOUD! BE LARGE! BE IN LOVE! BE YOUTHFUL! BE BEAUTIFUL! Introduce your house and your guests to an open intellectual experience. Get Emotional Art!!! 

Beautiful People – emotional art and poetry

              By Dan Joyce



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