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Gimme Gimme Gimme Get Get Get

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Gimme Gimme Get Get Get


She’s a great taker

Yes, indeed

Relying on others

To meet her needs

Never gives thought 

To who it will be

Until she tried to play her

Hustle on me



It’s the song of

Gimme gimme gimme

Get Get Get

Always taking from you

Then forgets


I loaned a couple dollars

That was all

But then she came for more

I can here her call

Never take a minute

Never give a dime

Or she’ll be coming after

All that’s mine



So if you ever see her

Come your way

Give it to her never

Or then she’ll stay

I thought it in a whisper

And once in a dream

That sweet looking sweet talker

Is not all that she seems



So I hushed her away

And closed the bank

And told her that her scamming 

Really stank



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